Travels Past: España

Hello y’all! Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is doing well. We are picking up where we left off last week in this Travels Past Series. You can check out my first stop here.

On to my second and third stop which were in España (Spain). From Edinburgh I took a flight to Málaga and after 4 days I made my way to Sevilla by train. I stayed in Sevilla for less than 24 hours so I didn’t really get to take in the city. Interestingly enough, what happened in Sevilla could have been God’s purpose for the entire trip 3 years ago.

In Málaga, my spiritual reflections were similar to those from Edinburgh. So we’ll just jump straight to Sevilla.

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Train ride to Sevilla


In Sevilla, a good friend of mine and I decided to meet up last minute before I caught my bus to the next destination.  Before we continue on, it is important that I give you the backstory of this friendship.

Backstory (the very abridged version) :

We went to college together. We were hardcore buddies. We had romantic interest at one time. I would say our relationship was a step above a situationship with absolutely no physical intimacy, because we were and are  both serious about our bodies belonging to Christ.   I’m not sure when it happened but we fell out of romantic interest. One quicker than the other. It was me, I was the slow one! lol! 🙋🏽‍♀️  We never lost our foundational friendship though.  So at this time we were approaching nine years of friendship. Although that friendship had been very difficult to navigate at times. We remained friends. At this point we had gotten over most of the difficult part of our friendship but we still weren’t quite right yet. We had quite a few loose ends. I won’t speak for him, but I believe that he, just as I, wanted us to get back to the friends that we had been before. The buddies that we were at the very beginning. Me so much so, that I began to pray about our friendship. I prayed that God would restore it but I was willing to let go of it if God had not intended to. It would have hurt but I was ready to do it. You may ask why I prayed this prayer. It’s simple. Good friends are hard to come by.  I also prayed that I would love him as God had called me to. So, we will say at least three years from when those prayers began we arrive at the story I am telling now, about that “one time in Sevilla.” 😊

So we made the plan to meet at Starbucks and find a spot to have lunch from there. While getting ready I had a feeling that something would happen. I didn’t know what but I knew it would be monumental, wether good or bad, and I felt it. That felling had me nervous and praying consistently up until we met up. As planned, we met at Starbucks and then found a restaurant to sit and talk. Once there  we started off with light conversation, like how his time had been in Sevilla. We discussed his then girlfriend, now very soon to be wife. 😊  We also discussed how my trip was going and how our families were doing. The usuals. After that we jump into the heavy stuff, with ease of course. Everything that we both needed to discuss all of those years we were finally discussing. We cried, we laughed, had moments of reflection and epiphany, said sorries, and best of all… we resolved. Afterward we went window shopping for a brief moment before I had to leave and catch my bus. I wish, so badly, that I could fully express that moment but I can’t. I don’t know that I ever will be able to. I began to cry as soon as I walked away. Tears of Joy. A heavy load had been lifted.  It was as if my broken heart had been mended even though I hadn’t known it was broken. Two old friends had become two new friends. I don’t know that I had ever experienced that type of joy before. I actually cried off and on while on my bus ride to my next destination. I am pretty sure that was probably the craziest I have ever looked.😂 Imagine watching someone go back and forth from a deep happy cry to a dry eyed smile. I wouldn’t change it for the world though. That joy came from God and reflecting on all he had done in that moment. Remember I had began to pray years before for some type of closure and restoration. God gave me just that and He didn’t have to. I was overwhelmed that God had taken the time to listen to me and answered my prayers in such a beautiful way. What grace he offers! There was also another prayer that had been answered. Believe it or not, I had been praying that he find a wife and he had done just that. So that sent me into a crying fit of joy as well.  There are so many scriptures that come to mind for this moment. Here are a few:

1 John 5:14

14 And we are confident that he hears us whenever we ask for anything that pleases him.

Psalm 34:18

18 The Lord is close to the brokenhearted;
    he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.

God smiled on me in Sevilla and I won’t ever forget it!



P.S. Last Destination coming soon. Be sure to check out my instagram for more photos. 😊

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