Travels Past: Edinburgh, Scotland

Hello y’all! Happy Tuesday! As mentioned before I am so excited to share this journey I took 3 years ago to this date.

Before we get started I do want to make it clear that I am not necessarily encouraging anyone to get up and take a solo trip as a demonstration of faith and courage.  Taking this trip was a necessary step for spiritual growth for ME. Please know that I prayed earnestly  and sought guidance from those I acknowledge as being spiritually sound before taking this trip. Lastly, I would like  to encourage you to be bold and courageous in your faith in whatever way God has established for you.

Okay, here we go…

First stop was Edinburgh. After landing in Edinburgh, I took an Airlink bus from the airport to the city center. I got to the city center, got off the bus, and set out to find the hostel I would be calling home for the next 3 days. Initially, I walk and take the correct turn to get to the street my hostel is located on. But I take a few steps and stop because I feel I am going in the wrong direction. I decide to turn around and go the opposite direction. Now actually going the wrong way, I end up getting lost for at least 30 minutes. After getting rained on and asking a few people for directions, I decided that I would just go back to the beginning and start over. So I went back to where the bus dropped me off and everything began to make sense. I found myself turning once again on the street I had turned away from at least 30 minutes prior. I was so annoyed with myself, I was right there from the start. God was up to something though! I finally arrived at my hostel, checked-in, and made my way up to my room that I would potentially be sharing with 3 other women. As soon as I get into the room I scope it out to see how many people are already staying. It turned out to be two that were not there at the time. A few minutes after I began to get settled, Lena walks in. We immediately introduce ourselves. After a brief discussion we find out that we are both first time solo travelers and came to Edinburgh with common interest and very similar plans. So we decided we would take on the city together.  It’s something small but my heart was immediately full after meeting Lena. Although I was ready to take on Edinburgh alone, God knew I needed a friend to take on the city with and she was just that. All of the nerves I had about being alone on my ventures subsided.  It was a blessing that she arrived when she did because it is highly likely that I wouldn’t of had the opportunity to meet her. Yes, even though we were staying in the same room.  You can literally be staying in the same room as someone for an entire week and never cross conversational paths with them. Her timely arrival reminded me of how intentional and perfect God’s timing is. If I hadn’t of gotten lost I probably wouldn’t of met Lena, who unlike me, got off the Airlink bus and went straight to the hostel. By the way it was no more than a seven minute walk from the drop off point. 🤦🏽‍♀️

I would take you through the day by day, moment by moment but that post would be incredibly long. So I’ll give you a few more moments that meant the world to me.

Here’s one: On the second day Lena and I decided to take a morning walking tour of Edinburgh given by our hostel. We met our tour guide at what would be our sister hostel for the tour and began trekking through the city. As we were on our tour we ended up meeting Jacob, from Seattle, and Ben, from Argentina. They were staying at the sister hostel. I forget to mention that Lena is from Germany. Long story short, we all hit it off really well and made plans to hang out later on that day to hike and catch the sunset on Arthur’s Seat. So we went back to our perspective hostels to take a quick breather. When we went back Lena and I found a bottle of rosé our previous roommates left behind.  We decided that we would take that with us to enjoy. We met up, stopped at a store to get some cups, and made our way to Arthur’s Seat. It was such a beautiful time. It felt like we had all known each other for years. For a few days they all felt like family. Here are a few pictures from the hike.


I would like to mention that I was only able to enjoy a few sips of the wine because I had a pretty bad case of acid reflux partially due to all of the anxiety that I had prior to arriving in Edinburgh. 😩 It was still an incredible time though.

Another moment that I would like to share would be the visit to the Scottish National Gallery. A few weeks before embarking on this trip I began to re-study the book of Matthew. When I went to this gallery is was as if the book of Matthew came to life. There were so many New Testament pieces depicting the Gospels. Poussin’s Sacraments by Nicolas Poussin and The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist by  Hendrick ter Brugghen  were among the many that I appreciated. My appreciation of these pieces is based solely on their incredibly vivid depictions of the biblical scenes they were recreating.

I know for some these moments may seem small or even coincidental,  but for me nothing at all is coincidental. Each of these moments served as reassurance to me. Reassurance that I had made the right decision, because I honestly wasn’t sure initially even though I felt this trip was necessary. Also reassurance that God was with me and that He had me.

Joshua 1:9

This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”


Next country coming soon!



P.S. Check out my instagram stories to see more of what I did in Edinburgh









11 thoughts on “Travels Past: Edinburgh, Scotland

  1. Beautiful Sis! I love the fact that you allowed God to lead you to this amazing travel. Missing traveling these days, but am hopeful Lord willing I can travel soon and experience these types of sweet moments.

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