Wellness Wednesday: The Diet Series


Happy Wellness Wednesday! I hope everyone is doing well! This week we are on to our first adventure in wellness, The Diet Series.

To diet, or not to diet? That is the question. The question that we will be answering over the next few weeks through The Diet Series. In this series, we will take a thorough look at the science of some currently popular diets to determine if they should be contenders when considering physical wellness.

I’ve noticed that most are inclined to focus on physical wellness first. This focus is normally shown through new nutrition or fitness practices.  We will begin with nutrition because it is, or at least should be, priority for physical wellness. These nutritional focuses normally come in the form of a new diet. So that is where we will begin. Our first diet of discussion will be the ketogenic (keto) diet.

Please let me know below if there are any diets you would like me to research.



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