Wellness Wednesday: Wellness Guidelines


          Happy Wednesday Y’all! How’s today? Hopefully all is well. I pray in the midst of the world’s chaos we are all taking time to focus on our wellness. Before we deal with wellness specifics, I would like to outline some guidelines for wellness success. These guidelines are general and will be helpful in any category of wellness.  I am sharing these tips based on my wellness experiences. I hope they come in handy as you begin and continue your journey.

 Here they are:

1. Know your why:

Know why it is important for you to begin and  continue your journey. I recommend writing this out in detail.  Make sure that whatever reason you come up with speaks to you personally. Doing this will make it easier to push forward when you don’t feel up to the journey. You will be able to think back on your “why” and continue on.

2. Have a plan:

Examine your expectations and figure out how you will get there. In order to get to your wellness destination it is important that  you have a plan/vision. This plan must make sense to you. This plan must also be realistic and contain checkpoints to make sure that it advances. It is okay to make adjustments to your plan as you find what works best for you, but be sure to have one. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve failed simply because I did not have a plan.

3. Set goals:

As mentioned in number two, your plan should have checkpoints. Your goals will serve as those checkpoints to hold you accountable.  Please be sure that these goals are achievable for you. They should serve as milestones not as indicators of failure. The goals should have completion dates included and should work to measure your progress as you navigate through your journey to get to your desired results.

4. Find Inspiration:

Find people that have traveled or that are traveling down the same road as you. Remember, if they did it so can you. They may even have some tips that will be beneficial in your journey. Maybe there were some mistakes they made that you can learn from. Maybe they found a process that has worked really well for them that you could try. Be very careful with inspiration though. We don’t want it to lead to comparison.

5. No comparisons:

This is your journey, being completed by you. No need to compare your journey to anyone else’s. You are your own person. There is no one else like you.  Although the destination may be the same or similar, when and how you get there will be specific for you. Welcome the uniqueness and remember you are just as special, worthy, and able as any other being.

6. Find an accountability partner/team:

You don’t have to do it alone. Find someone you trust to share your journey with. Have that person hold you accountable for your progress and make sure it is someone that will operate as your personal cheerleader. This person does not have to be on the journey with you, but that could be helpful. It is unnecessary to share every detail of your journey with them.  Share what you are comfortable sharing. Do make sure you give them some sort of checkpoints and a timeline though. This will allow them to   offer timely support as you go through your process.

7. Be consistent:

Remember that wellness is an active journey. Consistency is key. It takes time and practice to become consistent but it is absolutely necessary for wellness success. Setting goals, as mentioned before, will be a great help in doing this. Always push yourself forward especially on the days when you don’t feel like it. That is when it will matter most.

8. Be patient:

Be patient and kind to yourself.  Remember this is a journey. All of the ups and downs are what create the journey. Give yourself the necessary time to complete it. Know that progress is not always forward moving.

9. Simply Begin:

Remove any thoughts that are keeping you from beginning. Let all the negative “What ifs” and made up scenarios go. Just start already.

10. Have Faith in God:

Trust God throughout your entire process. Before you even begin, be sure to include him and make sure you are embarking on the correct journey. Also, look to him for support. If you are supposed be on the journey he will definitely guide and help you along the way.

11. Have Faith in yourself:

Believe that you can do it! Work diligently to remove self doubt and the doubt that others may have. You are more than able to follow the journey through to completion.

12. Celebrate the experience:

Celebrate every single portion of the journey. Every single portion! The ups and the downs are all worthy of celebration! Get excited and stay excited.

Once again I hope these tips for wellness success are helpful. Which one speaks to you most? Do you have a guideline that you would add?  Let me know in the comments below. ❤️



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