Wellness Wednesday


          Hello y’all! Welcome to Wellness Wednesday! As a lover of wellness, I am super excited to begin this segment on the blog. Here at least one Wednesday a month we will discuss a topic related to wellness. Wellness, as defined by The Global Wellness Institute, is the active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health. I greatly appreciate that wellness is always active and focuses on the consistent maturing of an entire individual. When wellness is done right every part of our being receives its necessary nourishment.

            The concept of wellness has been broken down into several different models. All of those models divide wellness into at least six basic interdependent categories or dimensions. Those six main categories normally include: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, social, and environmental wellness.

Wellness copy 2

My goal is to focus on every category of wellness. We have focused and will continue to focus on spiritual wellness, as it is at the foundation of all wellness. However, as mentioned before, I am excited to extend the content of AsToldByCourtney.

           It is important that I express that I am by no means an expert of any sort, but will gladly be sharing my experiences, observations, and research with the hopes of helping someone along the way.  I strongly believe that growth and maturing are driven through having necessary conversations. The goal here is always to begin the conversation.  I am open to topic proposals.  What would you like to talk about first?






2 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday

  1. Love this! Please talk about some fun activities for physical wellness that you’d recommend. Sometimes going to the gym for me is mundane and I would love to do other activities that would burn calories without me even knowing it.

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