And Another One: The Reconfiguration



        Another year that is! This past March marked my second year anniversary of life in Botswana.  I’ve titled that year The Reconfiguration. It was wonderful in comparison to my first year. My first year felt like it was a grand breakdown of every ounce of me. Every single ounce! I was constantly being shattered but learning an overwhelming amount in the process. Although it was challenging, I will forever be grateful to God for dismantling me. This past year He has taken the time to so graciously put me back together again. All of those broken pieces were rearranged or in some cases removed. Thus, The Reconfiguration. This past year was filled with silence, enlightenment, and a form of stillness that has remarkably brought me back to my most authentic self.  I personally love the results of His work and will gladly surrender to a lifetime of dismantling and rearranging. Hopefully we can wait a few years until the next major reconstruction process though.

Isaiah 64:8

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10 thoughts on “And Another One: The Reconfiguration

  1. Refreshed by your post sis & ecstatic to read more about the reconfiguration God has put you through. God bless and have a beautiful week!

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  2. You are amazing and dedicated to doing the work of the Lord. You story was powerful ,because we have to learn to trust God’s process and continue to praise with through trails and Tribulations. You are strong and have great courage. I love this and love you.

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  3. So well said, really enjoy how you narrate. I am looking forward to continue to see you flourish, share and hone in with your authentic self. Thank you for being such an inspiration!

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  4. Missing you like crazy! But reading your blog gives me peace as you journey through your reconfiguration. So happy for you. Stay Blessed. Happy Birthday/Anniversary ☺️

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