Amateur in the Village

        One of the greatest things about my move has been this feeling of freedom I have to dabble in things that I’ve always had a desire for, but never had time to entertain. I recently had the opportunity to dabble in photography. My assignment was my first Batswana wedding.  The wedding in itself was a wonderful experience. Being able to take it all in behind a camera added another dimension to that wonderful experience. In my amateur opinion, I was able to capture many great photos. I have had the joy of looking back through those photos, on occasion, and I find it interesting how each photo has a story to tell. This photo, of this beautiful baby girl on her mother’s back, is one of my favorites. 

Baby girl2

It took hours to get this shot and the most incredible part of this capture was that I had absolutely nothing to do with it. I happened to turn and there she was looking at me as if she were saying I’m ready now.

    Hours earlier her mother called me over to take her picture. We immediately teamed up with the hope of getting her attention. Her mother was pointing trying to get her to look my direction and I was doing my best attempts at baby signaling. All to no success. As you can see, she was not interested. She was captivated by something else. Here are a few of the results from our initial take.

After a few minutes of unsuccessful attempts I continued on with taking photos at the reception. Hours later she reappeared, while I was taking photos of the wedding party completing their dance routine. There she was on her mother’s back, her precious eyes looking attentively and waiting for me to capture her. So I did just that. 

I may be digging deep here, but this is what the story of this picture has taught me. They will be ready when they are ready. Don’t stop doing the work. When you least expect it the focus will change and it will be you they are waiting for. Be attentive and make sure you are prepared. 



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